29 de noviembre de 2010


N-Mity again boasts some of the references will be epic in the history of the label. The reissue of Mythic Peter Paul Count Drak which obtained the license at the beginning of 2008, Count Drak received the best reviews and was listened internationally as innovator track .Count Drak was presented at Glastonbury 2008 by Peter Paul, included in its September premiere in the festival, listenerwhose set was broadcast by the BBC to 400,000 s that night were listening session at the show Annie Nightingale.15 days later at Glade Festival.
But now, almost in 2011 we are now, both the original theme remixes of Frank Lozano, Dub Elements, DJ killer and Peter Paul autoremix 2008, now available exclusively on Beatport. All remixes have been tested at festivals in Spain in recent months, and all have had their day and for the most amazing reaction breaks scene that exists today, the Spanish scene breaks, so we greatly appreciate the work done by Frank Lozano, Dub Elements and Dj Killer.

 And as a gift as Christmas approaches, we leave you free download the remix of Sephen Cole and Matthew McCurry, you'll enjoy it!. http://soundcloud.com/stephencole/peter-paul-count-drak-stephen-cole-matthew-mccurry-remix-taster/download And here you have a video of the performance of Peter Paul on Halloween day 2010 in Spain, mixing live remix of Frank Lozano. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUX014potpE More Info: www.myspace.com/nmitysound - www.myspace.com/thepeterpaul - www.myspace.com/franklozanospain - www.myspace.com/dubelements - www.myspace.com/djkillerspain